Giving Back To The Community

January 29, 2018

Recently, I've been thinking about the community at large, and ways that I can 'give back' in order to inspire others. It's a good thing to do. 

Artists can find ways to share their talent or skill. It will take time away from your busy schedule, but nothing is more rewarding than to encourage creativity in another person.

The world we live in is extremely stressful, fast paced, and hard at times. Art is a great soother for those situations. The relaxing, calming affect when one does art is like medicine for a person who is stressed out or going through a difficult time.

Perhaps you enjoy working with children. I can remember the satisfaction I received when I use to do art with community kids. The first day, they were excited as they looked at the sample project. They had five days to finish their art piece. By the fifth day, they were anxious to take their projects home. On the evening of that day, we invited the parents to come and see all the wonderful art their children made. 

It is just as enjoyable to work with adults. The noise factor is lower, and there is less moving around compared to the younger ones. 

Art provides an outlet for those who are interested in exploring something new and different. 

I don't think that 'Art' was given for us to keep to ourselves, or to only put on display for sale. Sharing it with others, as therapy, is a good idea. Perhaps you know of another artist in your vicinity that would be willing to assist you when the time comes. You can put your heads together to come up with the best approach for an art day in the community. The warmer weather can provide good opportunity because you can always go to a local park to meet with a group who may be interested.

It may take some figuring out, but there are 'Free' ways to give back to your community through art.


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