The Importance of Art

January 23, 2018



I can remember when art was a regular part of our school's curriculum. Some schools no longer have art as a subject for their students. I cannot emphasize how important art is. 


Art is a form of creative expression. It tells stories and can teach us many things. Art, as seen through the eyes of  its viewer, can evoke emotions such as: joy, sadness and hope. No two individuals will interpret its subject in the same way. Art is deep and profound! 


It is important to bring art into our communities because it can teach and it can inform us in a different way than books. One can learn about their own culture and history through art. Artists tell truths through the movement of color. Art is not to be taken lightly. A painting can speak without words and its voice is heard with every stroke of the brush.


What would happen if all the artists disappeared? Who would tell the stories that need to be told? Who would keep track of history and crucial historical events? Can you picture a world without art? I can't!


We must find a way to bring art back into our communities and back into our schools! Our youth need art! They need to be exposed to a form of creative expression that is pure and safe; a form of expression that is powerful in its own right! They need to know that their voices can be heard through art.


Art is important to the artist because it bears the mark of their soul. It allows them to create and to share their point of view, and how they perceive things to be. You cannot hush the brilliance of its color, or dismiss its honesty!


Yes, I can remember when art was a regular part of our school's curriculum. We must find a way to bring it back!










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